Installing a tower crane on a 60-metre-high building in Cologne

Supporting the modernisation of the office block at Luxemburger Strasse 121 in Cologne:

For a long time, the block of buildings constructed back in 1978 at the address Luxemburger Strasse 121 in Cologne’s Sülz district was used as an office building for the city’s employment agency. Now, the block is undergoing comprehensive redevelopment to be used as an office and administration building for Cologne’s District and Regional Court. In terms of architecture, the complex stands out due to its seven connected wings, each measuring up to 40 metres long and 25 or 60 metres tall, which form an octagonal structure. Each wing stands at an angle of 45° and encloses an inner courtyard, while the eighth side of the octagon is open to provide access.

The modernisation work involves the complete gutting of the buildings and removing all contaminated materials while preserving the main load-bearing building structure. The outdated building technology in terms of equipment and systems is also being replaced with modern systems.

An important milestone in this modernisation process was recently achieved: the installation of a WASEL tower crane directly on top of the tallest building, standing high at 60 metres. As the building work progresses, this configuration will enable all of the façades and building sections requiring redevelopment to be accessed from a central location via the tower crane.

Installing a tower crane in Cologne
The LIEBHERR 150 EC-B 8 Litronic installed on top of the building

The following YouTube video provides an impressive insight into the entire installation process:

Installing a WASEL tower crane on top of a building in Cologne-Sülz

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