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Heavy Load Transport from one single source

Extreme dimensions and weights together with changing geographical conditions mean that heavy-duty projects involve much more than just the simple transportation of heavy loads from A to B. A huge number of special upstream and downstream services are required to safely bring your oversized goods to their destination. 

Once our specialists have analysed your project in detail while factoring in elements such as project data and deadlines, WASEL can offer you comprehensive solutions for the successful implementation of your heavy-load transport project.

A selection of our services

  • Transportation of oversized and heavy loads
  • Project planning, route planning and inspection
  • Authorisation service
WASEL heavy load
Nachttransport WASEL

We offer the most reliable, secure and cost-efficient transportation solution

When doing so, we always prioritise factors such as reliability, safety and cost-effectiveness. At WASEL, the combined use of our very own lifting technology offers you additional synergy effects and planning reliability when it comes to the transportation of oversized and heavy loads.

We offer planning reliability for your transportation of oversized and heavy loads

“We use our vast experience, sense of responsibility and state-of-the-art transportation technology to safely bring your oversized and heavy loads to their destination in perfect time.”

Julian Schmidt

WASEL GmbH | Head of heavy loads

Julian Schmidt
Contact Heavy Loads
Technical information on heavy loads
Contact Heavy Loads

Contact Heavy Loads

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Technical information on heavy loads

Technical information on heavy loads

You can find the technical data sheets of our WASEL fleet as a download here:

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