Safe, fast and cost-efficient

Telescopic Mobile Cranes

Telescopic Mobile Cranes

Telescopic Cranes

With their all-terrain chassis, WASEL mobile cranes are ideal for use both on public roads and in off-road locations. 

They are characterised by their safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Their long, high-performance telescopic booms can reach impressive working heights both quickly and easily. 

Flexibility in each performance class

When it comes to equipment, WASEL cranes offer flexibility with a capital F: with functional lattice extensions, folding jibs, fixed lattice jibs and luffing jibs, a suitably equipped crane can be set up for individual tasks in no time at all.

As technology advances, we constantly focus on offering the latest technologies to be developed.

Teamwork at its best

The installation and operation of a crane is certainly anything but ordinary. It is often spectacular and sometimes inconspicuous but almost always involves a great deal of complex planning and high-precision work. When it comes to meeting these high demands day after day, a modern fleet of cranes featuring state-of-the-art technology is an absolute must. 

Lifting power on rugged terrain

Our off-road cranes are the perfect choice whenever heavy loads need to be moved on rugged terrain. The Liebherr LRT cranes that we use for such tasks set the industry standard for safety and offer a comprehensive range of safety functions.

Telescopic cranes on a crawler chassis

Carrying heavy loads over all kinds of terrain

Our telescopic crawler cranes combine the advantages of all-terrain cranes with crawler cranes. The outstanding manoeuvrability of the crawler chassis of our Liebherr LTR cranes enables them to be used on all kinds of terrain with no problem whatsoever.

They also benefit from the fact that unlike all-terrain cranes, their crawler chassis means that no additional support is required, thus enabling telescopic crawler cranes to move while holding their load.

Where compactness and manoeuvrability are key

Every year, our fleet of compact cranes impressively display their high performance capability at the famous international boat show “boot Düsseldorf”. Our compact cranes stand out due to their outstanding manoeuvrability, which enables them to perfectly meet the requirements of this major event. Our quadruple hoisting service, the “Quadro-Hübe”, is the main highlight, when four mobile cranes work together in perfect unison to lift valuable luxury yachts into their exhibition area with precision down to the millimetre.

WASEL – providing experience with state-of-the-art lifting technology

Technical information
Technical information mobile cranes

Technical information on mobile cranes

Here you can download technical information on the cranes in our fleet:

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