Mobile Construction Cranes

Mobile construction cranes

Our mobile construction cranes, also known as mobile tower cranes, come into their own in all tasks involving a lack of space. They are particularly impressive on construction sites with extremely limited space. And that’s not where the benefits end! The all-terrain cranes are also suitable for use both on and off the road. In tight situations such as in residential areas or town and city centres full of obstacles and narrow streets, mobile construction cranes demonstrate why they are the ultimate solution.

MK140 Mobile Construction Crane
MK140 Mobile Construction Crane

Maximum flexibility with an impressive hoisting height and reach

With its impressive hoisting height and reach, this mobile construction crane demonstrates its outstanding high performance and high degree of flexibility as the ultimate powerhouse in the world of cranes!

The one-man assembly show, rapidly raring to go

Mobile construction cranes, also known as mobile folding cranes, are designed for one-man assembly. When moving loads within a construction site, they require no assist crane and no additional manpower.

Our mobile construction cranes take centre stage in impressive style – even on film sets

Technical information
Technical information mobile cranes

Technical information on mobile cranes

Here you can download technical information on the cranes in our fleet:

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