February 2023

A new way to cross the river Wupper

Now that we have lifted a new foot and cycle bridge at the Pfälzer Steg in Wuppertal, locals now have an additional option for crossing the river Wupper*. In a tandem lift of our 450- and 130-tonne mobile cranes, the 37-tonne bridge was successfully unloaded and lifted to the assembly site.

Due to the proximity to the Wuppertal suspension railway, the lift-in was only allowed to take place during the nightly service break. For this purpose, various precautions had to be taken to be able to fully utilise the shutdown break for the lift-in. The bridge was unloaded from the truck by the LIEBHERR LTM 1450-8.1 positioned at the side and then passed under the suspension railway until the second crane, an LTM 1130-5.1, could lend a hand on the other side. The bridge was then put down temporarily and the LTM 1450-8.1 was attached to the outside so that both cranes could then lift the bridge in tandem.

Photos: Bergmann

New way to cross the river Wupper

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